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About QR MED Application

We all need to read the medical leaflet inside the medicine, but we face a problems:

  • The font is small, which is difficult to read.

  • The choice of language is limited to the country used.

But now with QR MED Application, it's easy

Accessing information about the medicine without resorting to the leaflet inside it has become easy, using the QR MED quick reader.
It can read medicine leaflet and it's information in any country’s language.
One of the advantages of the QR MED Application is:

  • Ease of controlling font size.

  • Any language can be selected.

  • Eliminate printers and reduce paper use.

  • Multiple languages ​​as the agent can export the product to any country.

  • Nearly lack of medicine near expiration date.

  • It serves people with special needs (the blind) with audio reading.